The KarunaKare Foundation is committed to helping everyone in need, like family. The foundation’s volunteers help people to connect with each other while also offering complete support along the route.

KarunaKare volunteers believe in caring for every individual connected to them and not treating them in a cluster. They place a greater emphasis on holistic wellness rather than only helping with money or one sort of aid.

Services provided by KarunaKare Foundation

  1. Guidance Cell at the Cancer Hospital for new patients and their families
  2. Counselling and emotional support to patients and their families
  3. Training and guidance to family members and how to take care of patients
  4. Ambulance services at concessional rates
  5. Wide networking with social workers, doctors, experts and volunteers
  6. Collection and distribution of medicines, book, toys, games etc. for patients (adults and pediatric)
  7. Publication and distribution of cancer related information material

The provision of palliative care is among the foundation’s key offerings.

Palliative Care is a type of specialist medical and holistic care that aims to relieve patients’ pain and other symptoms during their last days.

Everyone in need can access a Palliative Care Vehicle provided by the organization, which has a doctor on call for pain management. The volunteers routinely visit our patients and their families to deliver food, medications, tiffin services for low-income families etc, under Palliative Care.

Other Projects, Programs and Services

  1. Tobacco, Drugs and Alcohol de-addiction
  2. Psychological support and counselling centre
  3. Cancer awareness and advocacy drive, corporate wellness
  4. Dietary advisory and nutrition centre for cancer patients
  5. Holistic health, Yoga and meditation

Pediatric patients receive special attention from the KarunaKare Foundation.

The volunteers provide counselling to pediatric hospital patients. They also ensure their and the parents’ comfort while they wait in the
OPD or are admitted to the ward.

The volunteers also provide the parents with information that will help them to deal with trauma while the child is receiving treatment and recovering. They also celebrate birthdays and festivals with the children in the ward.