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About the Foundation

KarunaKare Foundation was established in 2004 to help and encourage all cancer patients, survivors, and their families to make the best of every day during and after their treatment.

Its mission is to dedicate itself to providing every cancer patient with medical, psychological, and financial support, free of cost and with a commitment to take holistic care of them.

KarunaKare Foundation has served over 40,000 patients and their families. The foundation has organized various joint projects with pharmaceutical companies, corporates, etc.

They also did a one-year project with the American Cancer Society, on cervical cancer with the support of nearly 110 family doctors.

Almost 11,000 women were helped by the foundation to undergo pap smear tests during this time. Both the KarunaKare Foundation and the American Cancer Society have chosen a collection of general practitioners, clinics, and pathology labs to carry out the test.

They have also organized cancer awareness and screening programs and it was for these efforts, the foundation has earned multiple recognitions, including a certificate of honour from Max Foundation and a Certificate of Achievement for dedication and commitment to the Global Mission by the American Cancer Society and Union for International Cancer Control, Switzerland.

About the Founder

KarunaKare Foundation was established in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, by Mr Ushakant Shah, in October 2004, after he survived and experienced the trauma of the disease firsthand. The foundation was initially started with the idea of creating a voluntary support group to provide emotional support to cancer patients and their families/caregivers.

Since then, KarunaKare Foundation has widened its scope of work with activities that aim to support cancer patients, including the pediatrics- socially, psychologically, financially, and emotionally.

He says, “Destiny truly had another idea when I was first struck down with the rarest-of-the-rare blood cancer; it was a painful learning curve towards self-survival first and then towards helping others. The birth of KKF was the moment of truth, a moment of my rebirth. I thought there could be no better way to thank GOD than to serve fellow cancer sufferers.”


offers its services free and they are available to all, 24 X 7.