Livelihood Promotion by Creating a Cadre of Skilled Workforce in Computers and Technology (COMP-II)

Many rural and suburban children have been educated from high school without basic computer knowledge. Most youths cannot gain employment because of inadequate knowledge and practice of basic computer education and other soft skills.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become a powerful and prolific tool in modern civilization. The rapid rise and spread of ICTs have accelerated economic and social change in all sectors of human activity worldwide. It is not easy to keep up with the rapid developments. The modern workforce is expected to be technically savvy to ensure professional growth.

Through this project, 200 marginalized youth have some education and drop out from higher education due to poverty and family reasons like working on their farm as laborers. They will get employment opportunities through acquiring skill training on computers, the Internet, and basic knowledge along with soft skills training for jobs, and further, we will facilitate job linkage to various job provider organizations.

The target area of the project will be Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The project’s outcome will be the livelihood enhancement of underprivileged youth and their skills, self-esteem, and confidence level.

The project’s timeline will be for two years from the start date.