General Health Awareness Program with an Emphasis on Cancer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (CASP-II: Cancer Awareness and Screening Program)

Gujarat’s data shows a more than 40% mortality rate with cancer, mainly attributed to delayed diagnosis. Early detection increases survival. In Gujarat, a citizen without regular diagnosis or screening is easily available.

Considering the high risk, a general health awareness program emphasizing cancer would help address the problem. It would also provide awareness and education about the high risk associated with cancer.

The project aims to improve KAP (knowledge attitude and practices) and increase access to cancer diagnosis and better health outcomes.
The initiative will also provide education and awareness of the high-risk and various types of cancers and their causes, e.g., head, neck, and throat cancer, mainly due to tobacco use.

In Ahmedabad, there are about 44 primary health centers (PHCs), out of which half will be selected for camp activities and cover large areas. Based on our past experiences, we have found that about 20% of the screened population has cancer or cancer-related symptoms.

The targeted beneficiaries would be approximately 5400 families appraised through these camps.

During the screening, it was found that nearly 60% had high BP and approx. 40% had diabetes besides cancer.

The success of this initiative will be a stepping stone for higher cancer awareness and treatment programs in Ahmedabad.

The project’s timeline will be for two years from the start date.